May 17, 2002

Monday, December 22, 2008


I love Christmas! Who doesn't (besides James)? It is the greatest day of the year. And I am not just saying that cause it is my birthday...(ok maybe a little). I just love all the sights and sounds (and smells---thats for you James) of Christmas. I am so excited to see Ty's face when he wakes up Christmas morning...for those of you who have not seen when he gets excited I will for sure video it and put it on my blog after Christmas--it is hilarious. Anyway, I mostly just love being together with the family and giving gifts. It is so fun. So I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
p.s. Have a Holli Jolly Christmas!--sorry had to throw that one in

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Light Parade 12/06/08

Last Saturday we drove down to the light parade in Helper, Utah. Where is Helper you ask? 6 miles from Price. Where is Price you ask? Well don't cause I don't know what to tell you...middle of the state somewhere. Anyway, every year they have a parade and all the floats are decorated with Christmas lights. It is really cool. It would have been cooler if we would have seen the whole thing...we were late. Anyway, they have fireworks after. It was a blast. My sisters Staci and Becki went with us (with their boyfriends Jesse & Nate).

Putting up the Christmas Tree

We recently put up our Christmas tree. We always have the same ornaments and lights every year, so this year I decided to go to Wal Mart and by some ornaments. I bought some, got home, and did you know they don't come with anything to hang them with? I was so mad, I took them back. Why in the world should you have to buy the hangy things separate?! Anyway, so we have the same old tree again this year (with a few Cars (the movie) ornaments, that I had to buy for Ty--which in reality aren't really ornaments cause they never stay on the tree).
p.s. and for some reason Tyrus likes to go shirtless

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Well I did it, I finally joined facebook. And to be honest, I like blogging much better...sorry Tab (and anyone else who thinks otherwise). So yes I am on there, but blogging seems so much cleaner. Facebook is super cluttery (which I am not a fan of), but I do like being able to find old friends and see what people are up to. So there is my two cents (if anyone even cares).

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

...Go Utes!!!

My mom and I were at Roberts the other day and they had some really cute Utah stuff, so I bought some to put on the door. I got home and told James I had a new thing to hang on the door (you should have seen his face--the look of...we don't need anything else on the door, we have everything ever made). So I hung it up and told him to come look. He wouldn' I took the hanging deal-eo off the door and brought it to him. His face lit up. He thought that it was so cool. He liked it so much I went back and bought lights to go with it.


Tyrus is terrified of my parents is kind of funny. My dad will turn it on and he backs away slowly. Well on Sunday we were over there (my mom cooks Sunday dinner for everyone every Sunday--thanks mom!) and they had the fireplace on. James and I were cleaning up the toys getting ready to leave. We were in the play room when we heard commotion and Ty crying. My sis Staci comes and tells me he touched the glass of the fireplace (what the..?!). So needless to say he had tiny blisters on the ends of his fingers. We tried to wrap up his hand and put some soothing med on it, but that didn't last. But tylenol did...yea!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I told you so...dresser for sale!

This past week in the mail we recieved a letter in the mail telling us we were part of a private sale (along with everyone else and their dog) for Furniture Warehouse. We recently bought Tyrus a twin bed--part of another private sale--man we are special people. We wanted to find a dresser that would match so we went to Furniture Warehouse to find a steal of a deal. We got there, found the childrens section with the natural wood. We found a dresser that we liked. I was ready to buy, but James said he thought the bed was a more ash natural wood. I was like, "it will be fine". So he gave in and we bought it. ALL SALES FINAL! No problem right? Well we got home and I checked Ty's bed...and James was right, it doesn't match at all. So in the end, we have a dresser for sale. Brand new, bought it on Friday! Natural wood. Haven't even finished putting on the handles for the drawers yet. Asking $230.00 the price we bought it for. So if you know anyone who needs a dresser, please let us know.
p.s. James never acutally said, "I told you so". He is too nice.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm an Esme...

I have been checking out this twilight website I found. There is a test to find out which Vamp you are. I am an it. Check it out and see who you are...

You are thoughtful and care very deeply for your family. A loving home is of great
importance to you and you always try to make people feel welcome. Although you have a great capacity to love, you also have a great capacity to hurt, so at times you can be
sensitive. You're firm when you need to be, but people trust your judgment and
appreciate the kind way you always handle things.

Jazz Game

Last night my awesome bro got us tickets to the Jazz game (Thanks Steven!). He works for Gillette (sorry if I spelled it wrong) and they just did a commercial on KJAZZ (in which my brother is an actor--ha ha--remember us when your rich!) so they got free tickets. It was really fun, and they won. We saw our cute neighbors Scott and Amy Coombs (lucky ducks had no kids with them, well I guess one...but she isn't out and wiggly yet--congrats by the way!). Ty even got a ball from the Jazz dancers. At first Ty was a little freaked out because of all the noise, but he eventually got into it and kept saying, "mom, mom, mom...ball". I sure wish people around us would watch their language...interesting that it doesn't bug you too much 'til you have kids. Anyway, we had a blast. Thanks again!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ty had a great time trick-or-treating. At first he wasn't so sure, but once he realized when the door would open the candy would flow, he loved it so much. He would get so excited and run to keep up with the big kids.
Thanks aunt Suzanne, uncle Derrick, Brook and Wyatt for letting us come with you. What a fun night!

Tyrus the artist

James and I were making dinner, obviously not paying attention to what Ty was doing...making beautiful art. Luckily it wiped right off the tile, took a little longer to get off his mouth.

Trick or treating with the cousins at grandma and grandpa's

Easton (7 weeks)-Squirt the Turtle (from Finding Nemo), Tyrus (21 months)-Monkey, Camberlea (3)-Halloween Fairy, Dallin (5)-Keith Urban

trunk or treat 10/25/08

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We went to pick out some pumpkins for carving. It was super cold, so we hurried. Here is Ty and Daddy trying to find the perfect ones.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ty Pics

My wonderful friend Heather took some darling pics of my little Ty Ty. They turned out so cute.
Here are a few of my favs.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Niner Niner

Ok, Andrea, here it goes...
9 TV shows I watch:
The office
Curious George
Clifford (The Big Red Dog)
the news (mostly channel 2)
That 70's Show
Biggest Loser (when I remember)
Oprah (when I am home)
Dr. Phil (also when I am home) I did it.

9 Favorite Restaurants:
Hires (of course)
Texas Roadhouse
Cheesecake Factory
Cafe Rio
Olive Garden
Lucky Star (pot stickers are to die for)
Asian Star (have you tried their lettuce wraps?)

9 Things I did Yesterday:
Went to Little America for brunch
went visiting teaching
took a (small) nap
played games with my awesome fam
picked up my house
made Ty some bagel bites
talked with my neighbors
took a shower
changed diapers

9 Things I am looking forward to:
a get away with my hubby
My birthday (does that count as one?)
Thanksgiving (I love holidays)
paying off the new car
paying off my house (that would be AWESOME)
paying off James school (it seems these all take a LOT of money..hmmm)
quiting work

9 Things on my Wish List:
be a stay at home mom
finishing our yard
getting caught up on my scrapbooking (any takers for a group?)
new carpet
Jamesy to have a new truck
to be prego (nope false alarm sorry)
a trailer (a camp one, not a double wide)
to learn to be a good cook
be a stay at home mom (did I already mention this?)

9 Things I am scared of:
losing my hubby
losing my child
not being able to have another baby
house catching fire
new pres of US

9 People I tag:
Tabatha H.
Amy C.
Angie G.
Mindy H.
Kim S.
Kristen S.
Amy Barney
Ang H.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Activity Day Daddy-Daughter

This past weekend we had a daddy-daughter activity for our activity day girls. It was so fun and turned out great, despite the stress of the leaders (who are awsome by the way, thanks!) Here are some pics from the fun night.