May 17, 2002

Thursday, April 21, 2011

72 hour kits

So today I have been super sidetracked. I start with one thing, then move to another and do 5 more things before I realize I was in the middle of the first thing.
Anyway...I have been thinking about 72 hour kits lately. (James says I am SOOOOO over-prepared, but I would rather have too much than not enough. I think he has finally given up and just lets me do my thing.) Both my boys have theirs updated and complete, so that is good, but James and I would be screwed. The problem is my boys are 4 and 19 months, and the amount of stuff you are supposed to put in a 72 hour kit makes them SUPER heavy. I was thinking I needed to do something about it. So I worked on their kits today (and hope to get mine and James done by tomorrow) and this is what I came up with. I hope some of this info is useful to you.

First the bag. They need to be able to carry it. So I have been thinking a rolling bag would be perfect. Done! James got some freebees from an old job and they are perfect!

Next clothes. It is really hard to get 3 sets of clothes for each child. So I bought one pair of sweats for each boy (2 sizes too big). That way if it is cold they will be warm, if it is hot we can cut them off. Obviously they will be wearing a pair of something (hopefully, like clothes or jammies) when something happens and you have to leave immediately. So that gives you at least 2 pairs of clothing. I did put in 3 pairs of socks (and underwear) for each one and 1 pair of shoes at least one size bigger than they wear currently. The reasoning for the bigger size is so I can leave them in longer and not always have to buy new, but also I hate to buy new clothes that fit them currently and them never wear them. So when the clothes I have for Ty in his kit start to fit him (they are 5T) I will get them out and buy one new pair (probably 7-8) that how the sizes go? I haven't gotten to that yet.

Food. I did find millions of websites that tell you how much food to put in a 72 hour kit per person. I even found menu's from stuff I have gotten from relief society, etc. Here is a sample menu:

3 pkg oatmeal
3 apple ciders
2 granola bars
1 pack of gum
3 pkg hot choc
2 fruit snacks
3 ramen
3 plastic spoons
3 beef jerky
2 cans fruit
2 rolls lifesavers
1 gal water for cooking & 2 liters water per person per day

breakfast lunch dinner snacks
1 oatmeal 1 jerky 1 ramen 3 lifesavers
1 hot choc 1 granola bar 1 can fruit 1 piece gum
1 apple cider

1 oatmeal 1 ramen 1 jerky 3 lifesavers
1 hot choc 1 can fruit 1 fruit snack 1 pc gum
1 apple cider

1 oatmeal 1 jerky 1 ramen 2 lifesavers
1 hot choc 1 fruit snack 1 granola bar 1 pc gum
1 apple cider

In ours we also have canned tuna (that opens without a can opener), raisins and the individual kool aid packets that you can add to a bottle of water. I also have thrown in salt packets from restaurants, finger wipes and even honey from KFC (good on oatmeal). There are also ketchup packets you can throw in as well. My kids could live off ketchup!

Kids stuff. Toys! Yes they will be bored to tears and also need something to distract them from the chaos. I put in toys from Wendys, McDonalds, etc. I also put in books from either the dollar section at Target or the kids meals from Chick-Fil-A. I also put in crayons and coloring books. Each of my boys also has a blanket.

Money. Each of my boys has a container with money in it. I have chosen to use the snack pack chips ahoy or oreo cookies....the on the go containers. I just wash them out and fill them with change. If I have a dollar laying around I will throw that in. Both my kids have 13 dollars in cash (5's and 1's) and the rest filled with change. Also in it I put a paper with their names eye color, hair color, weight, height, who their parents are with phone numbers and also both sets of grandparents with their numbers. In case they get lost. I just thought of this but an address would probably be good as well.

Personal items. Soap, shampoo, lotion, medicine (childrens tylonal, teething gel), poncho, washcloths, also a full package of baby wipes (I just replace them everytime I update their kits, usually every 6 months, so they don't have a chance to dry out), hand warmers, flashlights with extra batteries. Diapers....definately need diapers.

Anyway...I don't know if this helps anyone, or if anyone even cares. But I love to do it! Hope it gets you motiviated like it does me!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Tyrus and Tegan

I had my awesome sister Becki take some pictures of my boys... Tegan: 18 months

It was hard to get good pictures of him cause he is always on the go.

Tyrus: 4 years old

Remainder of March

Tyrus and his preschool class on a field trip to Taffy Town. It was super fun and they got taffy to taste. 03/09

Everyone got to wear hair nets...super cute!!!

While we were in church (03/13). Someone decided it would be funny to decorate our car. It only stayed on long enough to get a pic then James was ready with the hose.

This is Tegan's first attempt at walking down the stairs. It didn't go so well, especially because it was my parents cement stairs out their front door. 03/14

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

We had corned beef (no cabbage), green jello, peas, green mashed potatoes and green salad.


Here are our green cupcakes, which the boys absolutely loved!

St. Patrick's Day...I have some pics but my disc seems to be having issues. We had a Leprechaun leave footprints from the door, up the fridge across the kitchen floor up the dishwasher, over the counter and to the laundry room where a pot of gold (hersey's treasures) and green glow sticks were found. The kids absolutely loved that!!! We had green pancakes, and green milk. I had to basically force Ty to try his pancakes which of course he loved.