May 17, 2002

Monday, February 21, 2011

January and February of 2011

Ok, so I decided to start fresh! My new years resolution is to blog more (I don't know how anyone has time to do it so much, but here is my attempt).
New Years!
Starting off the year right with sparklers with the cousins, Camberlea, Dallin and Easton at Grandma and Grandpa Wrights cabin.

Don't forget the food...Tegan enjoying his chip, and looking SUPER tired. And James pretending to be mad.
Ty and Camberlea just enjoying a late night!

Bowling for Family Home Evening. Becki and Taylor joined us. It was super fun...and what could be better than nachos. (thanks Taylor!)

Tyrus started taking pictures...which is why we have the pictures of the bowling balls.

Tyrus' preschool went to Smiths on a field trip. We got to see lots of stuff and even the back fridge where they keep all the milk. They got cookies at the bakery and a grocery sack with a banana, water bottle, and suckers at the end.

Tyrus' 4th birthday. The day was full of fun. He woke up to doughnuts for breakfast...

His door was decorated...

And a new Mario shirt to wear!

He went to preschool, then we waited for James to get home from work (he didn't want to miss out on a fun filled day), then we headed to lunch with Grandma and Grandpa Tharp. We went to Wendy's, Ty's choice. His second gift was a shake and go car, Lightning Mcqueen.

The next thing we did is go to the movies...we saw Tangled. Super cute!
As soon as we got out of the movie we headed to the circus. It was just a little circus held in the equestrian park in South Jordan. We had some free passes so off we went. It was totally LAME! We didn't stay long.

After the movie we headed home for just a short bit, but not before another present...another shake and go car.

On our way to Taylor's (Becki's boyfriend) to watch him open his mission call, we had to have another gift...books this time.

After Taylor's call (he got called to Pittsburgh, PA which is totally cool for two reasons. First, that is where Steven went, and second the Steelers are his favorite team. We are so excited for him. He leaves March 30.). Grandma and Grandpa Wright were there with yet another present.

On our way home we stopped at Wingers to get dinner. Ty was super excited to use his free kids meal birthday card they sent him in the mail. And of course more presents to open.

All in all, he got tons of fun stuff including new jammies, Mario, of course.

Tyrus got a cool new bath toy set from his Uncle Todd and his cousins Warren, Alex, Trevor and Tristen for his he wanted to try it out. While James was putting it together, Teg decided he wanted to get in and dad was taking too long...

Right before the super bowl, Becki convinced me to cut my hair (it was an agreement, she would color it if I let her cut it....)

and After!
I really like it! It is super easy to do, but it is still taking me a bit to get used to it.

Ty's 4th birthday party. He wanted a Buzz Lightyear this is what he got, Andy's Bed.

He got so much stuff, it looks more like Christmas!

All the fun stuff the boys got for Valentines Day, which includes books and candy.

The weather wasn't too bad so we decided to go to the park.

We decided to do dessert fondue for Valentines Day. It was a few days late, but who cares it includes chocolate, right?!

For Ty's preschool we went to the Zoo for Free Zoo Day for a field trip. It was a little chilly but not too bad. We were lucky cause the elephant trainers were out so we got to see the elephants do all sorts of cool things.

We went in to see all the animals and things in the bird area (ya totally can't remember what it is called at the moment) and Tyrus thought it really stunk!

All the animals were really active which was fun to see.
Tegan pretty much stayed in the stroller the whole time (mostly cause I didn't want to chase him) the end he was tired and ready to go.

The South Towne Expo Center had a safe kids fair, so we went to check it out. The kids had a blast.

Tyrus getting a baseball and baseball bat painted on his face...Teg wasn't even going to let the lady get near him.

Waiting in line for the clown to make us balloon animals, Teg got a dog and Ty got a sword.
That sums up the first two months...more to come in March (I promise)!