May 17, 2002

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Baby update!

I am getting start off I wanted to let everyone know my doc had an appointment for me to be induced on Tues (the 25th--my due date)...and I cancelled it this morning! I know, I know I am crazy but I just am not feeling it, sorry. I REALLY want my baby to come when he is ready. I was induced a week late with Tyrus and if I could go back I would not have done it. I don't think he was ready...and I didn't get to even see him until like 12 hours after I had him...not my idea of a good time. ya!
I am 80% efaced and just over a 2 (dialated). I am ready to have this baby, trust me, but I don't want to push it (I mean I do, but not yet).

Tyrus has been better about sleeping in his bed, so I am thrilled about that. I hope it sticks when the baby we will see.

Sorry this is a super lame post...hopefully I will have something more to say (and pics to show) soon.

Friday, August 7, 2009


Ok, ok. So I am the worst blogger ever. I really have been wanting to update, but I usually only have a few seconds before Tyrus gets into something he shouldn't. He is asleep now so I figure why not. Life has been crazy lately. Wednesday I woke up at 3 (yes a.m.) with contractions galore. Finally after timing them for what seemed like an eternity we went to the hospital at 6. So the contractions continued, but after 4 hours I had not dialated any more (I am only at a 2), so they said the only thing they could do was give me a shot of morphine and send me home (cause I am only 37 weeks). How rude! I didn't want a shot of morphine, I wanted a baby. Anyway so basically I am still pregnant! I really want my baby here, but my doc will be out of town for the next week, so not til after that. But he needs to come soon cause I have already gained 45 freakin pounds (which is 10 more than with Tyrus).

On another note, Tyrus has stopped sleeping in our bed...yeah!!!...but he is on our floor. So this week I am going to try to get him to actually sleep in his own bed. We told him if he does we will buy him Mario Kart (cause that is all he talks about...telling people in the store "Mario Kart Dallin", like they even know what he is saying...anyway). So hopefully I will have a chance to update and let you know how it goes...before the baby comes.

p.s. we are still not sure on a name