May 17, 2002

Monday, December 22, 2008


I love Christmas! Who doesn't (besides James)? It is the greatest day of the year. And I am not just saying that cause it is my birthday...(ok maybe a little). I just love all the sights and sounds (and smells---thats for you James) of Christmas. I am so excited to see Ty's face when he wakes up Christmas morning...for those of you who have not seen when he gets excited I will for sure video it and put it on my blog after Christmas--it is hilarious. Anyway, I mostly just love being together with the family and giving gifts. It is so fun. So I would just like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
p.s. Have a Holli Jolly Christmas!--sorry had to throw that one in

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Light Parade 12/06/08

Last Saturday we drove down to the light parade in Helper, Utah. Where is Helper you ask? 6 miles from Price. Where is Price you ask? Well don't cause I don't know what to tell you...middle of the state somewhere. Anyway, every year they have a parade and all the floats are decorated with Christmas lights. It is really cool. It would have been cooler if we would have seen the whole thing...we were late. Anyway, they have fireworks after. It was a blast. My sisters Staci and Becki went with us (with their boyfriends Jesse & Nate).

Putting up the Christmas Tree

We recently put up our Christmas tree. We always have the same ornaments and lights every year, so this year I decided to go to Wal Mart and by some ornaments. I bought some, got home, and did you know they don't come with anything to hang them with? I was so mad, I took them back. Why in the world should you have to buy the hangy things separate?! Anyway, so we have the same old tree again this year (with a few Cars (the movie) ornaments, that I had to buy for Ty--which in reality aren't really ornaments cause they never stay on the tree).
p.s. and for some reason Tyrus likes to go shirtless