May 17, 2002

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's a...

Well, the moment of truth...For the last 20 weeks I have been determined I was having a girl. My whole pregnancy has been different so I thought for sure. Well I was WRONG! It's a BOY!!! I am so excited. In my little head I have plans for bunk beds (I know a long ways away...but still). I can't even believe it. I am still in shock! I will never try and guess what my baby is again. James was so hoping for a girl, "so we could be done". But I knew we weren't done, and obviously so did the Lord. I told James that this is Heavenly Fathers way of saying, 'you are not done'. I am so grateful for Tyrus and this new baby on the way. James told our neighbor I was pregnant and she said, "What! I thought Tyrus was your miracle baby?!" Well we are so lucky to have another miracle, and it has been! It has been a tough road but a very rewarding one.
The only problem we are having now is finding a name. We have a million girl names but no boy ones...any suggestions???