May 17, 2002

Monday, March 7, 2011


So I totally guessed, and guessed wrong. Angie's daughters name is spelled Aynslee (which is way cuter than the way I spelled it). Sorry Ang.

March-Weekend at the Cabin

We decided we would go for the weekend to my parents cabin. It was so much fun and we stayed up WAY to late.


The kids and their fashion shows...

Bethany and Riley

Bethany, Ainsley, Riley and Breanna
Sleepy Ainsley

Riley and Bre

Riley and Bethany became the best of friends.
The kids playing in the loft with all the toys!

While the guys played pool.
Jon, Tyrus, Doug and Ashton.

Playing cards....Riley, Angie, Bre, James and Holli (taking the pic)

Getting ready for bed...Megan is getting sleepy!

Tyrus, Ains and Meg on one air mattres...

Ashton, Bethany and Riley on the other.

And Bre on the couch!
Tyrus going for a ride on the 4-wheeler...

The kids playing in the snow waiting their turn
Lots of snow!

James and Tyrus

They didn't get too far before they buried the
Dawson's birthday...
Bre blowing up balloons!

Happy birthday Dawson!

Tyrus and Bethany

Ashton, Danielle and Megan

Breanna (finally letting me take a pic)
Tyrus watching SpongeBob...and really liking it!

Tegan watching Elmo on grandma's bed...again!