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Tegan Evern Tharp

Aug 25, 2009 5:31 pm 7 lbs 2 oz 21"

Well here he is. He made it! This is going to be a long post cause I thought I would "tell the story" of how/what/when/where etc. So as you know my last post I cancelled my induction for the 25th (my due date). So Tuesday morning (the 25th) I woke up at about 4:00 am, went to the bathroom about 4 times in 5 naturally I thought my water had broken. Finally at about 5:30 (and crying for an hour) I told James to get ready to go. We dropped Ty off at my moms and headed to the hospital. Of course the traffic sucked (and by the way if you see someone driving like a crazy person, don't judge, they may have their pregnant wife in labor in the passenger seat). We get to the hospital at 7:00 which in hospital time is "perfect" cause they are doing shift changes. Anyway, they got me to the room and checked me and I was at about a 4 1/2, (by the way, my water had not broken). So the nurse told us to wait and hour and see and she would call the doctor to see what she wanted to do. So I get to about a 5 and they decide to keep me. They move me to a delivery room and the waiting game starts. The nurse comes in and asks me if I want an epidural and I said YES! (which by the way epidurals make me sick and I got the joy and pleasure of puking until they gave me something for nausea). At about 9:45 my water starts leaking, but the waiting game continues. Then a doctor comes in (no not mine of course) and tells me that my doc is having issues and won't be delivering me (story of my life...basically the same thing happened with Tyrus, though she gave me about a months notice...nice!). Anyway then another doctor comes in and tells me if my water has not finished breaking by about 12:30 she would do break it the rest of the way. She comes in at 12:30 and checks me (I was about a 6) and says that Tegan was still floating so she didn't want to break my water just yet in case the cord came out first. So then at about 4:00 the nurse checked me and I was at a 7 and when she checked me it broke my water all the way! So she said got the delivery stuff ready, cause it would go fast after my water had broken. At about 4:30 she called the doctor cause I was at a 10...and we waited, again. I told the nurse that the baby was coming so she checked me and said, "ya, just keep your legs closed". WHAT?! That was about the craziest thing I had ever heard. The doc (a different one from the 2 others I saw that day) showed up at about 10 after 5. I pushed for about 15 min or so and he was out! I got to hold him as soon as James cut the cord, two things that we never got to do with Tyrus. It was so wonderful. So here he is! We are so happy to have him here, and I guess my doc must have known something cause he came on his due date!